A Child's Indigo Dyed Cotton Katazome Han Juban: Half Under Kimono

$90.00 USD

early twentieth century
22 1/2" x 16", 57 cm x 40.5 cm

This is a small han juban or half under kimono that was worn by a child. It is hand stitched from indigo dyed katazome cotton. The collar is kasuri or ikat cotton and the bright red tabs are made from very fine cotton.

The back of the han juban is made from a piece of cotton that one loom width or 12 1/2", 31.5 cm wide. 

The cloth shows a base pattern of asanoha or the traditional hemp leave motif; larger, bolder variants of hemp leaf designs create a dazzling impression as they are overlaid on the base pattern.

Please note there is stress and there are holes around the area where the collar meets the shoulder on the proper left of the garment, front and back. As well there is a hole on the proper front, left top near the shoulder.

A wonderful little, old garment with fantastic cloth, this makes one wonder who wore it and when.