A Child's Echigo Jofu Kimono: Finest Ramie Cloth

$225.00 USD

late nineteenth century
30 1/2" x 34 1/2", 77.5 cm x 87.5 cm

This is a child's kasuri dyed ramie kimono that dates to the late nineteenth century. Whoever was the child who wore this kimono they must have been fortunate: the cloth used to make this kimono is known as Echigo jofu and it is a luxury cloth.

Echigo jofu is one of the most sophisticated types of bast fiber weaving in all Japan. It is woven in the Echigo region of Niigata prefecture of extremely finely hand plied ramie yarns. Echigo jofu is one of the most prized of the Japanese hand woven bast fibers, it is valued for its fine weave and for its overall high quality of perfection. One part of the process in making this cloth that must be adhered to is that of snow bleaching the cloth, this is essential for being able to call the cloth "true" Echigo jofu.

The kimono shows a pattern of stylized geese set within a grid framework of geometric designs. The cloth is faded or oxidized to a bluish-grey tone and, overall, the kimono is in good, used condition.

This is a beauty and definitely deserves a good home.