A Child's Boro Kimono: Pieced Indigo Dyed Cotton

$295.00 USD

late nineteenth century
37 3/4" x 48", 96 cm x 122 cm

This wonderfully pieced-together child's cotton kimono is shown inside-out because the lining is so interesting to look at. The proper exterior--hand stitched of old, hand woven cotton egasuri with plaid sleeves and striped patches--is also very, very nice. Each side is wonderful.

As can be seen from the photos the kimono is primarily made of indigo dyed cotton. The inside or lining has a beautifully composed "boro" feel and if you have a peek at the proper outside shown in accompanying photos here you will see the old, very good looking kasuri. The proper exterior is made of repurposed cloth, probably an adult kimono that was cut down to create this smaller one.

The collar is of cotton velour.

As is obvious there are tears to the surface and some areas of loss, but this is not surprising for a garment of this age and one that was probably worn every day for a good, long time.

Super handsome and recalling life in old Japan this child's kimono is a relic of the past, and a beautiful thing on its own.