A Child's Boro Kasuri Kimono: Mended and Patched

$90.00 USD

early twentieth century
25" x 27", 63.5 cm x 68.5 cm

This tattered and frayed little kimono was once worn hard by a small child in old Japan.  

It is made from indigo dyed cotton kasuri cloth which was most probably recycled from another garment--if not, and it is likely, this small kimono shows ample repair, mending and stitching, all very charming.

The small kimono is reinforced with a large patch of kasuri cloth, shown in the accompanying photos here, the subtle contrast to the kasuri on the body of the kimono is beautiful. The entire kimono and its lining are hand stitched.

It is easy to see the mending to the cloth of the kimono, especially seen on the sleeves and to the proper, front, bottom right where there is a hand stitched kasuri cotton patch.

The imperfections, the surface abrasion, the repairs and the tears to the cloth are all vivid details of what everyday clothing was really like in old Japan, and we can assume that whatever child wore this little kimono, he or she probably owned just this one, which was no doubt passed along to another.

A beauty.