A Child's Boro Mune-ate: Crisscross Back

$105.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
27 1/2" x 11", 70 cm x 28 cm

This wonderful little indigo dyed, apron-like garment was made for a child.  

It is beautiful not only from the point of view of its wonderful construction, but also for the patina to the indigo dyed and indigo/black dyed cotton which is patched, worn and decorated with some "fancy" machine stitched details.

Most likely this mune-ate originally as worn by a child under some kind of jacket during a festival as mune-ate are traditional garments worn under a happi or other festival garments at a matsuri or celebration.  

By the amount of wear to this piece, it seems it could have been taken out of service as a festival garment and worn for every day, but that is not clear.

It is hand stitched from hand loomed cotton; it is lined in hand loomed indigo dyed cotton, and the piece is patched on front and back.  

It shows delightful machine stitched details on its front pocket/pouch and its side pockets.

This is really, really marvelous and unusual textile from old Japan and is absolutely beautiful for its soulfulness, its patching, and its wonderful, small size.

Very recommended.

A Child's Boro Mune-ate: Crisscross Back