A Child's Omi Jofu Boro Kimono: Patched

$140.00 USD

early twentieth century
29" x 29", 73.75 cm x 73.75 cm

This small, well-worn and well-loved beauty is a child's kimono that has been hand stitched from what appears to be recyled Omi jofu, one of Japan's most elegant bast fiber textiles.

The cloth is made of indigo, kasuri dyed hemp or ramie (Omi jofu was made of both fibers) and it shows a some re-stitching and repair.  In the photos here the inside of the small kimono is shown because it is here where the mending details can best be seen, which are the heart of the beauty of this little garment.

The color of the indigo dyed asa cloth has faded nicely and there is a soft and beautiful patina to the surface of the cloth.  There are three cotton patches affixed to the kimono: two are in a brown and white kasuri cloth and one is in a blue and white kasuri cloth. As well, seen when the garment is held against the light, there is a repair done with the same fabric as the kimono, which is difficult to notice if the piece is not back lit.

There are stains on the piece which are shown in the accompanying photos and which are understandable, knowing the age of this child's kimono.

A delicious little thing and one that speaks eloquently on every day life in old Japan.


A Child's Omi Jofu Boro Kimono: Patched