A Child's Matsurigi: Boldly Patterned Festival Jacket

$135.00 USD

mid twentieth century
26 1/2" x 44 1/2", 67 cm x 113 cm

This is a vibrantly graphic, resist dyed hanten or happi, a type of jacket that was worn during local festivals associated with a temple or shrine.

This happi is made of indigo dyed cotton and is completely hand stitched.  

Jackets of this type were made in great numbers as they were worn by many participants during a particular festival.  The design on this jacket is rich, with its repeat of stylized kanji and vertical bars, a grey color against a dull indigo tone.

There is a hole on the proper front, right hand side of the jacket which can be seen in the accompanying photographs, and a few other, very minor snags which can be seen to the surface of the coat.  A partial lining on the inside bears hand written calligraphy.

A charming and very attractive festival garment, and one that stirs memories of old Japan.


A Child's Matsurigi: Boldly Patterned Festival Jacket