A Child's Cotton Kimono: Very Dark Woven Stripes

$30.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
23" x 23", 58.5 cm x 58.5 cm

This dark colored cotton kimono was meant to be worn by a small child in old Japan.  However, as it seems not to show any wear, it appears that a child never had the pleasure of wearing it--and if so, it was for a very brief time.

The kimono is made of dark colored, striped cotton which is lined in an equally dark, murky-toned blue cotton.  Have a look at the center of the small kimono and you will see that the garment is folded and tacked into place: this was done to shorten the kimono in order to let it down as the child grew.  One of the bright blue crepe silk tabs is missing; this tie was meant to secure the child into the garment when worn.

Also note the basting stitches on the sleeves of the kimono: a charming detail.

Very lovely, and in wonderful condition.

A Child's Cotton Kimono: Very Dark Woven Stripes