A Bolt of Old Jishiro Katazome Cotton: Blue-on-White

$325.00 USD

early twentieth century
7 yards x 13", 6.4 m x 33 cm

This is a generous length of jishiro, or blue-on-white, katazome cotton that is comprised of two pieces hand stitched together, one of which is about 1/4" or .5 cm narrower than than 13" or 33 cm.

The cotton is beautifully hand woven and the motif is a classic one which was used primarily on bedding in old Japan.  Stencil resist dyed onto the cotton roll is a repeat pattern of stylized chrysanthemums amid a field of karakusa or arabesques, the indigo color still bright and rich.

The overall condition of this wonderful bolt is worn/good.  There is one small, snag-like hole along the length, but otherwise it is still quite sturdy and can be easily put to use in art, fashion or home decor projects, which seems to be its destiny.

A wonderful opportunity to own a good amount of katazome cotton which shows nice age and that is dyed in a very appealing pattern.


A Bolt of Old Jishiro Katazome Cotton: Blue-on-White