A Boldly Graphic Unmade Noren: Deep Indigo Dye

$195.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
164" x 13", 416 cm x 33 cm

This long piece of densely woven cotton is resist dyed and is a noren in unfinished state--a noren being a multi-paneled cloth curtain that is hung in front of shops and restaurants in order to show the name of the establishment and to indicate if it is open for business.

This very dark blue panel is an unmade noren: it has yet to be cut and assembled into finished form, and if you look closely at the accompanying detail photos you will see short, resisted lines showing where to cut the fabric in order to have a noren whose resist dyed image is cohesive.  In this case the boldly geometric images we see here will most likely form a stylized family crest when the noren is finally stitched and assembled.

For a better look at this noren, have a look here.

The cotton is likely not hand loomed as it has a dense, canvas-like hand.  The resisted area of cotton are slightly discolored from age, with some very pale, almost unnoticeable staining.

A really fabulous and bold length of cloth from old Japan, and one with a beautifully Modernist appeal.


A Boldly Graphic Unmade Noren: Deep Indigo Dye