A 19th Century Silk Boro Han Juban: Child's Garment

$195.00 USD

late 19th century
23" x 23", 58.5 cm x 58.5 cm

This ragged and tattered child's silk han juban or half under kimono is a joy to behold--it is a visual feast and one that shows a gloriously strange assortment of 19th century silk textiles. 

The completely random piecing on fabrics inside and out begs for you to decide which of the two sides is more interesting. Each is rather stunning so a choice is not likely to be easily made, if it is possible at all.

The collection of silks used to create this dates to the 19th century with almost all of them dyed in botanical dyes. The purples are gromwell root and the soft, very faded yellow-orange is safflower or benibana as it is called in Japan. The blue, of course, is indigo.

You can see fragments of shibori, of itajime dyeing, of yuzenzome and of plaid in strange visual cohesion, the aggregate is odd and charming. You can also see that this half under kimono shows areas of loss and exhaustion, but this is to be expected and adds to its soulful beauty.

A superb piece for display and an inspiration to anyone whose eye is sympathetic to this tattered aesthetic.