A Pieced Silk Under Kimono: Shibori Bodice

$236.00 USD

**reduced from $295.00**
mid to late twentieth century
61 1/2" x 49 1/4", 156 cm x 125 cm

This silk kimono-shaped garment is an under-kimono known as a juban. It is hand stitched from various types of silk, the bodice being shibori dyed.

The juban is of fairly recent vintage. Its value is in its fantastically bold and graphic visual appeal due to the configuration of shape and construction.

The large, soft circles of shibori set against a pale pink background and hovering above  over-sized triangles containing interlocking circles is very nice to see. This visual treat is heightened by the strong, dark-toned vertical elements on the sleeves. These pieces were stitched there to aid in wear and durability.

The elaborate scene of birds and foliage is not hand drawn or hand dyed but it provides an interesting foil to all the boldly rendered, hand dyed silk of the bodice.

With the exception of tiny, insignificant stains (shown in the detail photo) this juban is in very good condition.

Recommended for its unusual beauty.