A Large Over Dyed Furoshiki: Graphic Resist Dyed Images

$292.00 USD

**reduced from $365.00**
mid twentieth century
65" x 64", 165 cm x 162.5 cm

This is a very large, resist dyed cotton furoshiki, a furoshiki being a traditional Japanese cloth used for carrying, storing and hauling of goods. Furoshiki are still widely used in Japan today.

The green color of this furoshiki was achieved by over dyeing indigo with a yellow dye and evidence of this can be seen in the detail photos here where there is a slight, yellowish "halo" between the green and the white, undyed areas.

The power loomed cotton is of a traditional loom width and there are five panels machine stitched together to create a width of 64" or 162.5 cm.

The central image of 9 circular shapes is a family crest and each round shape is a stylized star.

When seven or more stars are depicted as is the case here the crest refers to the worship of the constellation Ursa Major a practice which the Japanese adopted from the Chinese in the early Heian period.

There are a few insignificant flecks of staining to the central crest, shown in a detail photo here. The cloth itself is very slightly off-square.

In the upper, left hand corner we see a detail of what appears to be a cherry blossom which provides a charming effect to this boldly designed wrapping cloth.

Wonderful to look at with very good dyeing.