A Length of Katazome Dyed Cotton: Peonies and Mythical Beast

$60.00 USD

**reduced from $75.00**
late nineteenth, early twentieth century
35" x 13 1/2", 89 cm x 34 cm

This is a length of indigo dyed katazome cotton whose design is structured on framed hexagons that are elaborately decorated with images of arabesques and flower forms.

Inside each of these hexagon apertures is an image of a kirin (chimera) and a peony whose close proximity to one another suggests auspicious meaning in their pairing. 

What is obvious on this length is the break in the pattern: this is the result of the dyer not laying the stencil perfectly during the dyeing process, and what was meant to be a flawless repeat is now a bit visually broken. 

The reddish color is from the application of a pigment-derived dye base in iron oxide--this highlight to the pattern adds a shimmering quality to the pattern which is intricately designed and meant, probably, to mimic luxurious silk brocade cloth.

In good, used condition with the color tones still deep and rich.