Two Panels of Hemp Mosquito Netting: Beautifully Subtle Patching

$175.00 USD

early twentieth century
76" x 27 1/2", 193 cm x 70 cm

This is a pair of undyed, lightly stained and mottled hemp mesh pieces that have been taken from a mosquito net.

As can be seen by a quick glance at the lead photo this length has been repaired on its bottom third by very pale toned, indigo dyed hemp mesh which is in subtle contrast to the color of the base cloth.

The patching in combination with ultra-pale contrast to the base cloth is sophisticated and wonderful to see--even better or more dramatic when it is back lit.

These two stitched panels do not lay completely flat when hung on the wall or if laid on a table, but they lay flat enough. Best if they are hung where light can pass through them so the patching and color tones are heightened.

Just wonderful.