Two Katazome Dyed Panels: Large Resisted Family Crest

$156.00 USD

**reduced from $195.00**
late nineteenth, early twentieth century
59" x 26 1/2", 150 cm x 67 cm

This magnificent katazome dyed textile is a pair of panels taken from a larger indigo dyed cotton futon cover. 

What is wonderful about it is obvious: the large, beautifully rendered central family crest is completely resisted and therefore shows as a white, linear image against a two-tone field of figured blue. The field was dyed pale blue and then was stencil resisted and dyed again to create a pattern of fantastical flowers against a backdrop of arabesque.

The central crest depicts a stylized Chinese bellflower called kikyu, a late summer flower, deep blue in color.

There are two accretions of some kind of material to the right side of the cloth, each shown in the detail photos attached here. There is also patching and mending, also shown. The cloth is slightly faded overall.

It seems the two panels of cloth were detached and put back together as the central family crest is out of line and could easily match up if it were more thoughtfully joined.

Still, this is a wonderful opportunity to own a fairly rare and beautiful form of katazome dyeing: the pattern and form depicted in these two panels are rich and beautiful.

A collectible stencil resist dyed cloth.