Twenty-Two Samples of Japanese Hand Made Paper: Tipped Into a Mount

$100.00 USD

folio size: 15 1/2" x 11", 39.25 cm x 28 cm

This is group of 17 folios which contains, in total, 22 samples of Japanese hand made paper from 13 different Japanese prefectures. This set is a wonderful reference for those specifically interested in Japanese artisan paper making.

Each sample is tipped in to a folio and each sample is stamped with its name, its place of origin and what appears to be an indication of the size of a full sheet.

When one sample is tipped in to the folio the size of the sample it is about 15" x 10 3/4", 38 cm x 27 cm. When two or more samples are included in one folio the size of each sample decreases.

This is a list of the folios and their contents:

1. Tosa-Tengujo-Shi, Kochi Prefecture

2. Ganpishi, Shimane Prefecture
Sekishu-Ganpishi, Shimane Prefecture
Sekishu-Banshi, Shimane Prefecture

3. Kozo-Momigami, Toyama Prefecture

4. Echizen-O-Hosho, Fukui Prefecture

5. Kyokushi, Fukui Prefecture, (unmounted)

6. Uchigumo, Fukui Prefecture

7. Jun-Kozo-Koideshi, Niigata Prefecture 
Kurumizome-Koideshi, Niigata Prefecture

8. Kurotaniwashi (Kibaidaki), Kyoto Prefecture 
Kurotaniwashi (Kizukihosho), Kyoto Prefecture 

9. Udagami, Nara Prefecture

10. Omi-Torinokoshi, Shiga Prefecture

11. Honminoshi, Gifu Prefecture

12. Suruga-Yunogami, Shizuoka Prefecture 

13. Nishinouchishi, Ibaraki Prefecture

14. Hosokawashi, Saitama Prefecture 

15. Kizuki Nigo, Miyagi Prefecture

16. Koimidori-Iro, Miyagi Prefecture, 

17. Benikurumizome, -Kumogami Nigo, Miyagi Prefecture
-Kurokawagami, -Nakauchi Igigo Atsu, Miyagi Prefecture

Twenty-Two Samples of Japanese Hand Made Paper: Tipped Into a Mount