Tigers with Sparrows and Bamboo: Pictorial Kasuri

$95.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
62" x 13", 157.5 cm x 33 cm

This lovely length of seemingly unused indigo dyed egasuri or picture kasuri cotton shows two strong motifs: sparrows with bamboo and the tiger.

Sparrows and bamboo are associated imagery probably because sparrows are often seen flocking in bamboo groves. The sparrow motif, however, bears a fairly noble meaning as it is said to convey "the virtue of repaying one's obligation."

The tiger is associated with the cardinal direction of West and they are also associated with a safe return since tigers are known to travel long distances and to return safely home.

These images are set against an open orange-colored windowpane plaid, the yarns presumably dyed with safflower or benibana as it is known in Japan.

The designs embedded in the cloth here are charming for their rustic portrayal of the subjects and for their lovely, animated spirit. The cloth is lightly starched.

Very, very nice.

Tigers with Sparrows and Bamboo: Pictorial Kasuri