230 X Tadashi Morita (Japanese Edition): Japanese Folk Textiles

$55.00 USD

In Japanese
244 pages, fully illustrated in color
Publisher: Seigensha
8 1/4" x 5 7/8", 21 cm x 14.75 cm

This small scale book is a treasure trove of images of Japanese--and other--folk textiles.  

It is a glimpse into the collection of Mr. Tadashi Morita, the prominent and very well-regarded Tokyo-based dealer of Japanese folk art whose taste is as impeccable as his access to, and acquisition of, (arguably) the finest folk textiles of Japan.

Although this beautifully illustrated book is written in Japanese, the images speak for themselves. Those of you who have a working knowledge of Japanese folk textiles will be able to identify many of the types of pieces shown here, and each is an extremely fine example of its type.

Of particular interest are the Okinawan textiles--but also shown are many other categories, including boro, sashiko, tsutsugaki, and more.  Additionally there are stunning examples of Indian export cloth or sarasa as well as some exceptional meisen kimono.

A fabulous research and reference book.