Patched and Repaired Hemp Mosquito Netting: Boro Kaya

$120.00 USD

early twentieth century
64" x 22 1/2", 162.5 cm x 57 cm

This is a wonderfully organized and presented two-panel section of open weave hemp cloth.  This is a panel from a kaya, or mosquito netting, hence the very loose, open weave of the cloth.

The color is a beautiful, dull greenish tone; the hemp yarns are softened with age and the aged cloth of the panel is supple and flowing. 

As is plain to see there is are repairs and mending to the piece: there is a pieced section on the upper left. There are three hemp patches on this kaya section, each patch beautifully hand stitched to the base.

A lovely section from an old boro kaya with wear, a few holes and snags and a good deal of character.

Beautiful to look at, especially back lit.