Kigami and Kami-ito: Japanese Handmade Paper and Paper Thread

$45.00 USD

by Hiroko Karuno

in English and Japanese
fully illustrated in color
87 pages
10 1/4" x 7 1/4", 26 cm x 18.5 cm


Part I.  Kigami
-Papermaking in Kadoide
-Basic Paper Knowledge for Kami-ito: The material; Nagashizuki paper; Sha-zuki paper; Paper grain; Aged paper; Reused paper; Paper size and weight; Paper required; Paper made with care

Part II: Kami-ito
Making Paper Thread
-Folding the Paper
-Cutting the Paper
-Resting the Paper
-Rolling the Paper
-Tearing the Edges
-Spinning the Paper
-Setting the Twist
-Making the Skein


Hiroko Karuno, a master shifu weaver and paper yarn maker, has written this generously illustrated book which showcases the history of shifu or woven paper.  It introduces the master paper makers who supply Karuno with her raw materials and, most importantly, shows Karuno's method for making kami-ito or paper yarn in step-by-step detail.

This book is a treasure for anyone interested in shifu weaving and a monumental achievement in insuring that this, the rarest of Japanese weaving traditions, is kept alive.