An Unusual Pieced Round Zabuton Cover #2: Sakabukuro

$64.00 USD

**reduced from $80.00**
mid twentieth century
diameter: 18 3/4" or 47.5 cm

This curious round, pieced textile is what was either the top or bottom of a zabuton or a traditional Japanese seating cushion. 

The zabuton cover is machine stitched by someone who was very creative and who took old pieces of sakabukuro, or sake making filters, and arranged the pieces into an artful, complex design.  You can tell that whoever made this drew from a palette of several, old sakabukuro as there are many color tones represented in this disk of piece-constructed cotton cloth.

Please note a tear to the piece, probably from the original time of use, shown in the accompanying detail photos.

An unusual textile object from old Japan.


An Unusual Pieced Round Zabuton Cover #2: Sakabukuro