An Unused Resist Dyed Happi: Hand Stitched

$195.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
36" x 43", 91.5 cm x 109.25 cm

This handsome, indigo dyed cotton happi is resist dyed and is completely hand stitched--it is also seemingly not used.

The design is bold and graphic, with a large, central family crest on the top, and a wide band of highly stylized, geometrically formed kanji encircling the entirety of the garment on its bottom half. As can be seen in the detail photos here, there is some indigo dye bleeding into the resisted white borders of the grey kanji. 

As well, almost impossible to notice but still present, is a narrow passage of faint light fading to the proper left-hand back area of kanji.

The Chinese characters of the lapel of the happi indicate this jacket may have something to do with the famous kabuki dynasty, a family called Kataoka.

A wonderfully wearable, hand stitched and beautifully designed happi.