An Unused Pieced Silk Bag: Embroidered Details

$95.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
7" x 9" x 9", 18 cm x 23 cm x 23 cm

This is a delightful thing, it is a drawstring bag or kinchaku that has been hand stitched from re-purposed kimono (and other) silks of very nice quality and good age. The silks date from the late nineteenth through the early part of the 20th century. 

The bag is perfectly sewn and the pieces are arranged in a playful, showy way--all the individual pieces are set on a diagonal--that is extremely charming. 

Note the hand embroidered fragment highlighted on the accompanying detail photo as well as the damask and brocade silks that are interspersed among the chirimen or crepe pieces which make up most of the bag.

This is a special offering. It is a bag of wonderful design and construction that shows a great and rather unusual combination of colors. Note the small "tassels" at each of the corners of the bottom of the bag, and note as well the final detail photo here that shows family names, presumably of the maker.