An Unused Furoshiki: Beautifully Cool Tones and Images

$135.00 USD

early twentieth century
31 3/4" x 25 3/4", 81 cm x 65 cm

This is an unused, still-very-crisp, resist dyed furoshiki that shows a kind of center zigzag design that is often seen on furoshiki from this time period.

The colors on the furoshiki--and muted grey and steel blue--seem to be derived from pigments as the color lays on the surface of the cloth in the form of a coating rather than penetrating the fibers as vegetal or synthetic dyes do.

The central division is graphic and attention getting. The jagged design suggests the Japanese design shorthand for pine bark. And then we see sprigs of young pine and an origami crane within this steel blue sector of the furoshiki.

The the pine and the crane have dual symbolic meanings. They both convey a wish for a long life and they also symbolize a similar wish for a happy marriage: cranes mate for life and pine needles fall in pairs.

There is a family crest prominently placed in the top, right corner and this crest shows a stylized bellflower.

The cloth of this furoshiki is crisp to the touch and the colors are clear and neutral at the same time.

Just lovely