An Unused Full Cotton Bolt: Plaid Tanmono

$80.00 USD

mid twentieth century
approximately 13 yards x 14", 12 m x 35.5 cm

This is an unused, full bolt of plaid cotton which was probably destined to be fashioned into a futon cover or any number of every day household cloths.  

A traditional bolt of Japanese cloth measures 12 meters or so, and as this bolt has never been opened we cannot say the exact length, but it should be very close to 12 meters in length.  The colors are a sienna brown, black and an off-white.  The cloth was probably woven on a old fashioned commercial loom so it still retains the feeling of a hand woven textile.  Please note the original, paper tag still attached to the bolt.


An Unused Full Cotton Bolt: Plaid Tanmono