An Unused 19th Century Silk Pieced Drawstring Bag: As New

$295.00 USD

mid to late nineteenth century
as shown: 9" x 8" x 8", 23 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm

This is a rather remarkable find: it is a nineteenth century, expertly-pieced drawstring bag that has never been used.

Its natural dyes are as they were when it was made well over 150 years ago. The gromwell root or shikon (purple), the safflower or benibana (orange), the indigo blue are all as vibrant and intact as they were when they were dyed.

As some of you know both gromwell root and safflower dyes are light fugitive so to find examples pristine as these are is rather astonishing.

The bag is meant to close using the drawstring which it threaded through a channel of lightweight, crepe silk. However as it has never been shaped as intended the bag is shown open as there was concern to create damage while closing it before offering it for sale.

If you have patience and skill you will more than likely be able to bring it to its intended form--but it can also be admired as it is.

It is expertly hand stitched--unbelievably so--of over 30 pieces.

The bag is perfectly sewn and the pieces are arranged in a playful, showy way that is extremely charming. There is one piece on the bottom of the bag that shows some of its original silk embroidery, a wonderful little detail that enriches the otherwise tremendously overall good quality of this old bag.

This is a very special offering--and a rare opportunity to acquire something that was sitting in a time capsule.

Very recommended.