An Unmade Happi: Bolt of Patterned Cotton

$116.00 USD

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mid twentieth century
216" x 13", 5.5 m x 33 cm

This long piece of stenciled cotton was intended to be stitched into a happi which is a work or festival coat often which shows graphic patterns and stylized kanji or Chinese characters.

The pattern shown is that of stylized kanji in black and blue.

When this length is properly cut and stitched, the pattern will line up as intended: you can easily see two halves of a diamond shape that are meant to be lined up to show a completed diamond. 

As can be seen on the accompanying detail photos are small, resisted white lines which indicate where the cloth is to be cut in order to create a finished happi with the design as planned.

It seems that this length may not have enough material to make a full coat with lapels and all, but it certainly is a very nice length which has not been used and shows a lovely, traditional design.


An Unmade Happi: Bolt of Patterned Cotton