An Old Temari: Thread Ball Gift for a Child

$285.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
diameter: 3 1/4", 8 cm

Temari, literally “hand ball,” are gifts made for children. Temari were originally made from left over yarn or string, both cotton and silk floss were used for the external decoration.

A ball was created from wound threads.  Sometimes a written wish for the child was placed at the center of the ball, or other times some rice grains or a bell were the center of the ball, placed there to create a rattling or jingling noise to amuse the child.

This is a good sized and elaborately wound and decorated old temari--and old temari are very difficult to find these days.  

This one is made from a core of wound cotton yarn and shows a beautifully colored repeat diamond pattern that encircles the small hand made ball. As well you will see stitched flowers that are placed in the areas between the diamonds.

There are two tassels, a very nice detail. And you will notice some loss or moving of some of the yarns that create the diamond design on the ball; some of the yarns are loose from wear and age.

A marvelous old temari, something hard to find--and very collectible.

Very recommended.

An Old Temari: Thread Ball Gift for a Child