An Old Temari: Gift Ball for Children

$235.00 USD

early twentieth century
diameter: 3 1/2", 9 cm

Temari, literally “hand ball,” are gifts made for children. Temari were originally made from leftover yarn or string, both cotton and silk floss were used for the external decoration.

A ball was created from wound threads.  Sometimes a written wish for the child was placed at the center of the ball, or other times some rice grains or a bell were the center of the ball, placed there to create a rattling or jingling noise to amuse the child.

This is a good sized and elaborately wound and decorated old temari--and old temari are very difficult to find these days.  

This one is made from a core of cotton batting that is formed into a ball shape by winding it tight with cotton thread.

The colored cotton yarns that decorate the exterior of the temari show a beautifully colored repeat of a four-pointed star-shaped design that encircles the hand made ball.

The colored cotton yarns could be dyed in chemical dyes and it appears the red yarns are indeed dyed in synthetic dye as they show a bit of bleeding or blurring onto some of the other colors.

The ball is used as can be seen by the darker overall surface tone due to its age and its wear.

A marvelous old temari with a good design.