A Hand Stitched Shibori Cotton Yukata: Dense Checks

$236.00 USD

**reduced from $295.00**
possibly contemporary
55 1/2" x 48", 141 cm x 122 cm

This is an extremely handsome cotton yukata, a casual, unlined kimono, which is dyed in indigo in the shibori technique.

To achieve this beautiful, dense plaid pattern it seems the cotton cloth was folded and clamped and that it was dyed twice to create the design we see here. The indigo blue color is very intense and velvety--just beautiful.

The yukata is entirely hand stitched and is seemingly unused. The cotton is commercially woven and there is an almost unnoticeable faint stain to the cloth.

This is a very, very handsome shibori yukata and one that is still very wearable.

A beauty with a wonderfully realized shibori design.