An Intensely Sashiko Stitched Pieced Cotton Kimono: Beautiful Design

$395.00 USD

mid twentieth century
40" x 46", 101.5 cm x 117 cm

What may not be apparent about this piece-constructed, indigo dyed cotton coat at first glance is that it is entirely sashiko stitched in narrow, horizontal rows measuring 5/8", 1.5 cm apart from one another: very subtle.

But it is very apparent about this coat is its beautiful construction using rich, deep color choices and a wonderful placement of fabrics. Around the bottom, back of the coat are alternating muted, dark toned cottons which wrap around to the front of the coat in fairly evenly spaced blocks.  Please note two ingrained stains, very hard to see, and shown on the accompanying detail photos.

The top of the coat is a very deep indigo dyed cotton with sleeves showing spare, weft-based egasuri or picture kasuri, a delicate touch to an otherwise rigorously-designed garment. More than likely this was a woman's coat.

The garment is entirely lined in a lovely, indigo dyed cotton which, when observed, shows off the rows of sashiko stitching much more than the outside of the coat.

In very good, used condition, this jacket is still very wearable--and it can still very much be admired for its beauty as an art object.

A lovely piece from old Japan.

Very recommended.