An Intensely Pieced Silk Back Pad: Bright Colors

$125.00 USD

ca. 1940s
21" x 15", 53.5 cm x 38 cm

This dazzlingly multi-colored cloth is composed of hundreds of hand stitched silk fragments that are arranged in rosettes all over the surface of the textile.

Many, many scrap pieces of silk are intricately stitched to create this kaleidoscopic surface pattern, one small fragment showing a Buddhist swastika.

Piece constructed fabrics like this one were sometimes seen in Japan and had many applications, both in the home for bags and cushions and also in ecclesiastical settings such as Buddhist temples where cloth like this can be seen as altar cloths and, as well, for various types of cushions.

This particular cloth is seemingly unused.

It is padded and shows two silk straps which seem to indicate that this was intended to be a back pad of some sort. It is backed with a commercially woven figured silk.

Looking at this cloth leaves one amazed at the amount of work and the intricacy with which the work was accomplished: it is just beautiful.