An Indigo Dyed Tsutsugaki Cloth: Two Stylized Cranes

$100.00 USD

**reduced from $125.00**
early twentieth century
25 1/4" x 58", 65 1/2" x 147.25 cm

This is a good-sized, indigo dyed cotton cloth which shows two very boldly resist dyed stylized cranes, probably someone's family crest.

The cloth is composed of two pieces which are stitched together length-wise so there is a center seam running from left to right. The size of this cloth and the orientation of the family crests indicate that this was likely taken from a furniture cover or yutan.

As is illustrated on the accompanying detail photos there is a fair amount of scuffing to the length both on the family crests as well as on the solidly dyed indigo cotton.

The rustic rendering of the crane roundels is charming and graphic. The cotton is nicely and tightly woven.

This is a good-sized piece of old indigo dyed, hand woven cotton that could be displayed as-is or used in a fashion or craft endeavor.