An Indigo Dyed Katazome Boro Futon Cover: Clashing Patterns

$395.00 USD

**reduced from $495.00**
early twentieth century
69 1/2" x 37", 176.5 cm x 94 cm

This indigo dyed cotton boro futon cover is hand stitched from ten separate pieces of katazome cotton in three patterns and three pieces of dark toned striped cloth which are embedded into a collar of the katazome.

The rectangular cloth hangs slightly unevenly at bottom as can be seen on the lead and detail photos here--and the cloth used to make the futon cover is really very good.

The patterns are: interlocking hexagons and cherry blossoms; interlocking circles, interlocking hexagons and cherry blossoms; roundels of crane and pine.

The color tone on the bottom half is a bit oxidized and has gone greyish while the indigo tone of the top half is still quite blue. The contrast of tone and pattern is always wonderful in these old Japanese textiles and especially so in this one. The dark colored block of cotton in the center top is a great visual foil for the patterned body of the futon cover.

So much to see here--pore over the accompanying photos to engage with the details.

This is a very good piece to consider if you have been wanting to own a boro textile--and certainly it is a great one to add to an existing collection.