A Patched Indigo Dyed Kasuri Furoshiki: Subtle Repair

$100.00 USD

early twentieth century
37 1/2" x 38", 95 cm 96.5 cm

This is an indigo dyed cotton furoshiki that is hand stitched of double kasuri cloth.

A furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that is used for the hauling and storage of goods and this one is a handsome one at that--and the cloth is probably recycled from a kimono.

As can be seen on the accompanying photographs there is a small tear to the top of the furoshiki and a similar sized tear to the side of the furoshiki. As well there is a large patch on the top of the cloth and three small ones in the lower, right quadrant.

The indigo color is strong and the design on the large patch and the base cloth is lovely. Note on the large patch on the upper area of the furoshiki there is a charming, stylized rendition of a sparrow.

Flaws and all this is a lovely old furoshiki with ample cloth in case you would like to deconstruct it for other purposes.

Beautiful, subtle and traditional.