An Indigo Dyed Hemp or Ramie Zabuton: Katazome Pattern

$70.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
each: 18" x 23 1/12" x 1/2", 45.5 cm x 60 cm x 1.5 cm

A zabuton is a traditional Japanese seating cushion which is often thinly padded as this one is and, also like this one, is stuffed with modest layer of cotton batting.

This particular zabuton is covered in a beautiful katazome dyed hemp or ramie cloth which is tacked into place using reddish purple colored thread.

The katazome cloth bears an interesting design, it shows a repeat pattern of folding fans and interlocking circles. The folding fans are unusual because they are made of sprigs of cherry branches each of which sprouts blossoms. The interlocking circles are made to look as if they were brushed on.

The zabuton is entirely hand stitched and is in good, used condition. 

Three pieces are available, each with an almost indiscernible small stain, one of which can be seen on the accompanying detail photo here.

Really lovely.