An Indigo Dyed Hemp or Ramie Noren: Hand Plied Yarns, Hand Stitched

$295.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
64" x 39", 162.5 cm x 99 cm

This is a beautifully simple and unadorned noren or door covering which is hand woven from hand plied hemp or ramie yarns. The color is a solid indigo tone of good depth.

Noren are still very much seen in Japan as they are often used in street-facing entrance ways or in doorways as dividers between rooms.

This noren is hand stitched from lightweight, fine grade bast cloth.

On the very bottom of the center and right-hand panels there is some discoloration in the form of light-toned splotches. These are barely noticeable in person and could be easily missed or never noticed. This detail was exaggerated in the photos here in order to show them; they are not as pronounced in real life.

This is a really nice looking bast fiber noren with very good yarns and good age--and it seems to not have been used after making.