An Indigo Cotton Tsutsugaki Dyed Yogi: Kimono Shaped Duvet

$395.00 USD

early twentieth century
57" x 54", 145 cm x 137 cm

A yogi is a kimono-shaped duvet which was used to keep warm while sleeping during the winter months.  It has the same basic shape as a kimono, but it is oversized, is lined, and is stuffed with cotton wadding when available.

Often yogi were presented as part of a bridal trousseau which included a range of household necessities such as hand towels, diapers, bedding, etc.

The yogi was not worn as might be suggested by its garment shape, instead it was laid over the body in the same manner as is shown in the lead photograph, flayed as is shown.

This is the exterior of the yogi; the cotton fill and the lining are missing. Were they to have been still intact this yogi would have been very heavy in weight and very bulky in dimension.

This is an indigo dyed, tsutsugaki dyed cotton yogi that bears a huge and prominently placed family crest of stylized bamboo leaves arranged in a circular format. Bamboo is rich in symbolic meaning in Japan, one of its key significances is that it represents the virtue of resilience: bamboo bends but it does not break.

The cotton is dyed a deep, dark, indigo color; basting stitches of pale blue cotton are still to be seen on this yogi which seems to have had very little wear in its lifetime.

The condition is good and used, in fact it is practically in unused condition. The cotton is strong and dark and there are no noticeable stains or flaws on the surface of the cloth.

The yogi has a commanding, almost sculptural presence when displayed as shown and this is a wonderful opportunity to acquire an iconic Japanese folk textile which is completely hand made and with good age.