An Indigo Dyed Cotton Resist Dyed Furoshiki: Reconfigured Yogi

$236.00 USD

**reduced from $295.00**
early twentieth century
69" x 65 1/2", 175 cm x 166.5 cm

This large-sized indigo dyed cotton furoshiki was reconfigured from a yogi, or a sleeping kimono. Furoshiki are traditional storage, carrying or hauling cloths that were used in old Japan and are still very much seen today.

It has a very noticeable and unusual detail which is the resist-dyed family crest that dominates the design of the piece.

What is unusual is that the crest is shown with its proper "back" side on the proper "front" of the furoshiki. The murky quality of the crest shows that it is from the proper inside of the yogi and if you turn the furoshiki around you will see a very bright, clear image of the same crest.

The furoshiki is hand stitched from many pieces of cotton, some of them overlapping and forming layers. There is some rudimentary sashiko stitched reinforcement to the corners and two of the four edges of the cloth. And as is clearly shown in the detail photos here, there is noticeable spray of holes to the top, left hand corner.

This furoshiki has a powerful graphic presence and an interesting former life.


An Indigo Dyed Cotton Resist Dyed Furoshiki: Reconfigured Yogi