An Indigo Dyed Cotton Kasuri Apron: Unused

$35.00 USD

mid twentieth century
kasuri area: 22 1/4" x 20", 56.5 cm x 51 cm

Aprons were worn all the time by all classes of people, especially working people. Women at home wore them to do housekeeping, farmers and tradesmen wore them, shopkeepers wore them--in the past, aprons or maekake were part of one's daily clothing, and, still, today, many people today in Japan wear aprons on a daily basis.

This is a seemingly unused indigo dyed cotton kasuri apron, the images on the apron are various and are quite blurred and hard to read, but they seem to be cranes, plum blossoms, possibly sparrows. And others but they are feebly rendered so they are hard to read.

The tie is undyed cotton and the apron section is hand stitched from 2 pieces.

A lovely traditional garment from old Japan.

Still very wearable--and made of wonderful cloth.

An Indigo Dyed Cotton Kasuri Apron: Unused