A Tattered Boro Noragi: Block Patches in Artful Arrangement

$555.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
35" x 49 1/2", 89 cm x 126 cm

This beautifully faded, tattered and hard-worn coat is made from indigo dye cotton that has soften and become supple with age and wear.

This coat is most likely too fragile to wear so it is advisable to acquire it for the sake of its beauty.

As can be easily seen the coat is abraded front, back and on the inside. There are some threadbare areas and there are proper, unrepaired tears or holes as well.

However it is the amazingly beautiful arrangement of patches--especially on the proper back of the coat--that make this so appealing. Note how the patches are almost stacked in their placement, how they create a wonderful geometric, visual rhythm. The fading and the close color tones of the indigo cloth aid in enhancing this effect.

Have a look at the cloth used on the proper, right sleeve back: it is faded katazome cloth with a spray of tiny dots. The cloth used on the center, back neck/shoulder area is zanshi ori or cloth woven from leftover yarns.

Visually rich and rich in age, wear and history, this boro work coat would be wonderful to display or to use as inspiration.