An Indigo Dyed Cotton Boro Fragment: Kasuri Stripes

$65.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
42" x 13 1/2", 107 cm x 34 cm

This well-worn and roughly patched indigo dyed cotton panel is hand woven from what appear to be hand woven yarns; the beautifully designed cloth is rustic in appearance, texture and weight.

The ground is a mid toned indigo; there are deeply toned white and indigo stripes that are woven using kasuri yarns. The stripes are visually sparkling..

There are five patches applied to the length, four of which are large and of the same cloth as the base.

Some of the stitching on the patches is quickly done with long stitches and interesting patterns. A length of the selvedge on the lower, right corner is torn. There is a bit of bend to the length, probably from repeated or constant use.

A lovely piece of boro cotton made of very good quality hand woven cotton.