An Indigo Dyed Cotton Bag: Sashiko Stitched Details

$165.00 USD

early twentieth century
20" x 10 3/4", 51 cm x 27.25 cm

This indigo dyed cotton drawstring bag is often referred to as a zenibukuro or "money bag." This name is attributed to bags of this form as in the past coins were minted with a center hole and many heavy coins would be strung together to form long garlands. The shape of this kind of bag accommodated these long, heavy strands of money.

It is unlikely that this bag was used for that purpose but that is only speculation.

We see that the four bottom corners are densely sashiko stitched for reinforcement. The bottom of the bag shows a stitched "X" for the same reason. A family name is stitched onto the front of the bag. The bag is lined in cotton cloth.

The drawstrings, presumably original, are still stitched into the bag and the bag's closure still works as it was intended.

This is in good, used condition and it is a charming example of a traditional style utilitarian bag.