An Indigo Dyed Boro Length: Tortoise Image Katazome

$95.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth century
50 1/4" x 13", 127.5 cm x 33 cm 

Please pay attention to the accompanying detail photos in order to view both sides of this interesting, indigo dyed cotton boro cloth.

The cloth is hand stitched from very faded and worn katazome cloth, the pattern of which is charming to look at.  The pattern a repeat of pairs of well-drawn tortoises in opposition to one another, one lighter in color than the other.

This length is hand stitched from two pieces of this katazome cotton, the top portion is quite stitched and repaired as it shows a large, repaired hole.

If you look at the other side of this katazome dyed length, you will see a nice-sized patch of katazome dyed cotton, this one showing large scale peonies amid a field of strongly drawn karakusa or arabesques.

This piece was taken from a futon cover which is evident by the still-attached cotton tie that remains stitched to the selvedge of this panel.

A wonderful, old length of indigo dyed cotton and one with richness of surface, design and stitching.

An Indigo Dyed Boro Length: Tortoise Image Katazome