An Indian Braided Silver Metal Wire Waist Ornament: Necklace Length

$70.00 USD

mid twentieth century
chain length when laid flat not as shown: 28", 71 cm

This braided silver-toned metal wire "necklace" is actually said to be a waist belt or belly ornament from Northwest India, possibly Gujarat.

The necklace-length body ornament is plaited from several strands of a silvery metal, perhaps an alloyed silver; the die casted clasp seems to have a good amount of copper alloyed into it. The clasp should be kept closed as the closure device is old and temperamental.

Shown in detail photos are some rough area on the braided length--if you acquire this be careful as it could catch on some delicate or knitted clothing.

The ornament does not polish to a silvery gleam, it cleans up to a warm-toned and fairly dull--and very attractive--color and finish.

A nice piece of hand made jewelry and one that shows wear and a bit of history.