An Extremely Rare In-Progress Full Bolt of Taiten Shibori: Dyeing Technique Intact

$295.00 USD

mid twentieth century
approximately 12 yards x 12 1/4",  11 m x 31 cm

This is an incredibly special and very interesting offering: it is a full bolt of taiten shibori that has not been fully finished, a first for this webshop, to be sure.

Taiten shibori is a type of shibori where a length of cloth is compressed along a series of warp yarns before it is dyed. The warp yarns are removed after dyeing, the cloth is unfurled and decompressed and after this process is completed the intended design appears on a textured or puckered length of cotton.

In this case we see a section of the bolt where the cloth is still extremely compressed, where it has not yet been undone; the process of finishing the cloth has been halted.

Look carefully at this section and then compare it to the rest of the bolt. It seems the compressed section was stencil dyed with a geometric pattern. Compare this with the relaxed area of the cloth and it is hard to imagine that this tight pattern, when relaxed, will create the design seen on the length.

This is a remarkable study piece and it is of great value to anyone interested in shibori dyeing, especially those with an interest in taiten shibori in particular.

This was an amazing find, and is being offered with great excitement and pride.

Very recommended.