An Exuberantly Pieced Boro Kimono: Colorful Patches

$395.00 USD

mid twentieth century
46 1/2" x 46", 118 cm x 117 cm

This boro kimono is being shown inside-out in order to feature the exuberant, large swaths of colored and indigo dyed cottons which line this wonderful garment.

The inside of the kimono is a bold patchwork of recycled cottons, the unintended "design" of which are shown in large, color blocks.  Make no mistake, this is a kimono that was worn hard as is evidenced by the shredding to some of the surface patches on the inside as well as by the surface wear, abrasion and holes to the proper outside of the kimono which is made of a large-scale, white-on-blue kasuri or ikat cotton cloth.

Of course this fantastically eye-catching boro kimono is entirely hand stitched: its assemblage of multi-colored cloth and the way these color blocks are arranged is a fantastically interesting visual effect and makes for a wonderfully collectible boro kimono.



An Exuberantly Pieced Boro Kimono: Colorful Patches