An Exuberantly Decorated Rajasthani Pouch: Pompoms, Mirrors, Beads

$95.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
14" x 9",  35.5 cm x 23 cm

This envelope shaped bag comes from India's state of Rajasthan and is said to have been made by the Meghwal people.  It is just stunning for its superb workmanship, its good condition, its fine and delicious coloration and its beautiful symmetry of design and pattern.

The base cloth is vermilion dyed cotton, which can be seen through the heavily embellished surface: the skin of this bag is studded with stupendously good mirror work (only one of the many mirrors is missing) and is crammed with expertly stitched embroidery and pompoms, to which there is virtually no sun fading or loss. One of the two beaded embellishments on the bottom corner of the bag is missing.

This bag feels wonderful in the hand; it is heavily laded with decoration and this weight is obvious when you pick up the bag to admire it.  It is a truly splendid thing, and a cut above the rest which you have not doubt seen before: this one is in very good condition, and is a luxuriously beautiful folk textile.

A splendid thing.
An Exuberantly Decorated Rajasthani Pouch: Pompoms, Mirrors, Beads