An Extremely Large Boro Textile: Bedcover Size

$245.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
89" x 64", 226 cm x 162.5 cm

Although it is impossible to tell from these photographs, this hand stitched boro cloth is enormous; it is the size of a bedcover.

Of indigo dyed commercially woven and fairly lightweight cottons, this boro textile is beautifully colored, faded and mended.

Hand stitched from five separate pieces, the top, left area is resist dyed and shows a family crest bearing a stylized water plantain or omodaka under which there is a scant scattering of the famous motif trio called shochikubai, or the bamboo, pine and plum motifs, which together symbolize, among other things, resilience, long life and fortitude/courage.

The dyed cotton is faded in swaths, and the cloth, overall, has been well used: mending patches can be as easily seen as the uneven light fading.

A fantastic cloth whose large size lends it endless possibilities.

Good color and very handsome, this is recommended.

An Extremely Large Boro Textile: Bedcover Size